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February 14, 2013

Announcing the publication of my new book

Press release

Boston, February 14, 2013: Today, LegalBizDev published the new book, Legal Project Management, Pricing, and Alternative Fee Arrangements: What Firms Are Doing, by Jim Hassett, Ph.D., the founder of LegalBizDev. 

Unlike any other book about legal project management (LPM), this 258-page volume relies heavily on interviews with partners at several dozen law firms across North America who have recently adopted LPM techniques. Much more than an introduction to the subject, this book contains reports from lawyers in the trenches who have used these techniques to plan their projects efficiently, develop budgets, price their legal work appropriately, and gain advantages over their competitors.

“This new book will help lawyers understand the theory and the practice of legal project management,” says Hassett. “Law firm partners will see how LPM can assist them on a day-to-day basis by building on the lessons that have been learned at large firms and at small ones.”

As Hassett points out early in the book, “The reason LPM is growing so rapidly is that it helps law firms meet client needs and their own needs.”

The key portions of the book are Chapters 3, 4, and 5. Chapter 3, “Eight key issues in LPM,” describes the fundamental concepts that lawyers must learn if they are to adapt successfully to the “new normal” relationship between large-firm lawyers and their corporate clients.

Chapter 4, “A variety of approaches to LPM,” gives brief accounts of the different ways nine law firms have begun to adopt the principles of legal project management. Chapter 5, “Case studies in behavior change,” describes how four additional firms have offered targeted training in LPM and changed their approaches to planning, budgeting, and managing their matters.

“I appreciated the casual conversational nature of the writing, along with the formality and detail of the citations to other sources. It is a nice mix that makes the text a quick read, but also a resource guide for more detailed research and study of the topics,” says Paul A. Williams, a partner at Shook Hardy & Bacon.

Says Kim Craig, director of the legal project management office at Seyfarth Shaw LLP, “Jim’s book is a true testament to the changing legal landscape supported by numerous case studies and facts representative of firms in various states of their LPM maturity. For an industry historically known for asking, ‘What is everyone else doing?’ this book answers that question and ignites a sense of urgency for lawyers and law firms to pay attention to the drum beat of the cultural transformation taking place within the legal industry.”

What is unique about this book, in addition to the case studies, is the way that Hassett integrates the latest thinking and research on the relationships between project management, pricing, and alternative fees.

Several hundred copies have already been pre-ordered by dozens of law firms before today’s publication date. 

The book is available now from LegalBizDev (info@legalbizdev.com, 800-49-TRAIN). An excerpt and an order form can be downloaded from: www.legalbizdev.com/projectmanagement/lpm-pricing-afas.html

A Kindle edition is available now on Amazon, and the printed book will also be available soon through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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