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October 03, 2012

Project management tip of the month: Keep clients informed as matters progress

Ask every major client whether they would like monthly or weekly status reports, which can improve client relations and avoid misunderstandings.  The best format may be a simple one page report of what has been accomplished since the last report, what is planned for the next period, and any issues or challenges.   

The first Wednesday of every month is devoted to a very short and simple tip like this to help lawyers increase efficiency, provide greater value to their clients and/or develop new business.


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Jim - I am not an attorney but instead serve the important role of managing the activities of law firms. One thing I have implemented, with our top clients, is including such a summary you refer to with their monthly bill. I have the attorney send me bullet points addressing what was accomplished, what is planned and any issues. I compose the letter and have both myself, as COO of the firm, and the attorney sign it. This way I take some of the work off the attorney's plate and I believe the clients like seeing another name on the letter as someone they can contact if needed.

Client retention is something I focus a lot of time on and like I said in one of my blog post, an informed client is a happy client. http://lawbizcoo.wordpress.com/2012/07/22/client-intake-process/

I will be sharing your weekly tips with 2 Linked In Groups I manage for local solo/small firm attorneys in Cincinnati.

I am glad I found your blog.

Peggy Gruenke

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