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January 29, 2008

And now a word from our sponsor: Upcoming presentations

If you hate it when bloggers promote themselves overtly, please skip this post.

On Tuesday, February 12, at 2 PM Eastern, I will be offering a webinar through the Legal Marketing Association called “Six ways to help lawyers increase results from their limited marketing time.”  This was one of LMA’s highest rated webinars last year, and it has been updated to include research on the best ways to find new clients.  Details appear on the LMA web page

On Wednesday, February 20, I will be giving a presentation in Washington, DC on the same topic, but aimed at lawyers instead of business development staff.

And if you like the idea but can’t make either time, you can always buy The LegalBizDev Success Kit, http://www.legalbizdev.com/products.html.  That way, whenever you can find a few minutes, you can listen to an audio recording on this topic, and much much more.

And if you'd prefer to start with something free, listen to my interview with Cole Silver in the free resources section of our web page.  It is part of his Raindancing Expert Audio Series, which also includes interviews with Tom Kane, Gerry Riskin, Pat Lamb, Larry Bodine, Catherine MacDonagh, Harry Beckwith, and many others.


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