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July 30, 2007

Seven reasons you should download Blawgworld 2007 today

BlawgWorld 2007 is being released today: an e-book that samples “the most influential legal blogs” and more. It’s being announced simultaneously by all of the bloggers who were selected by TechnoLawyer, including me. My recommendation: skip the rest of this post and download your copy now .

If you’d prefer to read my seven reasons first, they are:

Reason 1: BlawgWorld 2007 is a very efficient way to quickly find the one or two or three legal blogs you should be reading regularly. There’s far too much useful information in the world, and far too little time to read it all. In the 21st century, the keys to success will be focus and prioritization. TechnoLawyer selected the blogs which they thought would be most useful to lawyers, then asked each of the selected bloggers to pick their best post of the year.

Reason 2: It’s free.

Reason 3: It’s cool. E-books usually annoy me, but this one is easy to navigate (using the tabs at the top) and has some features I had not seen before.

Reason 4: I’m in it.

Reason 5: So is Tom Kane, the co-founder of the LegalBizDev network.

Reason 6: So is Monica Bay, who convinced me to start this blog a few years ago. And so are most of the other bloggers that I myself read regularly and that I’ve quoted often in the past year, including (in alphabetical order) Michelle Golden, Arnie Herz, Dan Hull, Patrick Lamb, Bruce Marcus, and Gerry Riskin. And a number of legal blogs that are not aimed at marketers, but that I find very valuable such as Bruce MacEwen's Adam Smith Esq., An inquiry into the economics of law firms.

Reason 7: You will see which posts we each selected as favorites of the year. I felt like I was selecting my favorite child from 52 born last year, but they made me do it.

So what are you waiting for? Download BlawgWorld2007 now.


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Jim, many thanks for the nice mention. I'm honored to be in the company of those you've listed and also for your personal readership.

Best wishes for your continued success! I enjoy following your story through reading your blog, too! :-)

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